Connective tissue massage at DFine Clinic Amsterdam

Connective tissue massage is a facial massage in which a special technique influences the subcutaneous connective tissue. The massage is an excellent way to improve skin condition, but it is important that it is performed properly. Connective tissue massage is also very suitable as a treatment for strengthening the skin and reducing wrinkles. The deep massage grips that act on the connective tissue stimulate the skin to renew itself.

The treatment

One of the massage grips is the ‘rolling’ of the skin to release the tissue from the bottom layer. Connective tissue massage stimulates skin metabolism and reduces blockages and adhesions. The skin can become red; this means that the blood circulation in the skin is immediately improved. The skin will then also be better able to absorb nutrients and to remove waste. Some people experience the first time as unpleasant, especially when there are many adhesions. This feeling diminishes quickly when people regularly undergo a massage.

What are the visible benefits of connective tissue massage for the face?

Connective tissue massage stimulates the skin to produce more collagen. These collagen fibers contribute to a firm, compact skin where wrinkles or fine lines are reduced. The massage also ensures better circulation so that the skin gets a natural, healthy glow. Does your skin still need support from botox or a filler? Connective tissue massage ensures better absorption through the skin.


Connective tissue massage can best be undergone as a cure. The results can be clearly seen and felt after each treatment. Connective tissue massage combined with a healthy lifestyle visibly contributes to a radiant, lifted skin. For the best result, five treatment sessions – one session per week – are recommended.