Permanent makeup at DFine Clinic Amsterdam

After each treatment session, the pigmented skin can be a bit irritated, feel a bit tight and/or a slight swelling could emerge. As this is part of the healing process, you do not need to worry about these effects. To improve healing and to gain the best results, the following advice of aftercare instructions should be taken into account:

Aftercare instructions

  • – The treated skin should be kept dry for at least 5 preferably 10 days.
  • Note: do not apply water, body milk, lotion and makeup at the treated area during these days. It is strongly recommended to apply a thin layer of grape seed oil on the treated skin within the first 5-10 days before sleeping or taking a shower (we give this to the customer). For lip treatments while you are brushing your teeth, you can use a bit of vaseline. This will help the skin to heal faster and healthier, which will benefit the results. After 5 to 10 days, the skin is fully closed and you are allowed to make the treated area wet again and use care / cosmetic products.
  • -After a few days very small grains will arise on the skin; these are tiny scabs. Do not scratch these scabs off, but let your skin repel them on its own to prevent scarring. The first week after the treatment you should not go under the sunbed and also avoid the natural sun as much as possible. On the 3rd โ€“ 4th day, the divestment of redundant pigment will take place, which will make the color less intense. When you follow the aftercare instructions in this document, the treatment will be less uncomfortable, and the skin will recover smoothly.
  • – Try to touch the permanent makeup as little as possible with bare hands to prevent infection. Dab the treated area only with a clean tissue and try to keep it as dry as possible.-Do not use disinfectants like Sterilon and Betadine or put bandages or gauze over the treated area.
  • -For the best healing and to not let the pigments fade, it is better to skip exercising for 5 to 10 days. Next to this do not go to the sauna and / or swimming pool. Sweat contains salt which draws the pigments out.
  • -Try to avoid (as much as possible) direct sunlight or tanning light from a sunbed in the first 7 days. After these days and in the future, protect the PMU with SPF 30 or higher.-It is recommended not to use chemical peels for at least six months after the pigmentation. In addition, it is also advisable to not use retinol-containing (Vitamin A) products or peels on the PMU the first month after treatment.

    -For lip treatments: do not use whitening toothpaste and use vaseline the first 5 days on the lips when brushing teeth. Also avoid spicy food or hot drinks the first days. Further, try to drink from a straw at least the first hours after treatment.