Fractional micro needling is a safe treatment in which the subcutaneous collagen is stimulated. Using a pen, miniscule openings are quickly made in the skin, so that the pre-applied ampoule with active ingredients can penetrate better into the skin. The treatment not only offers an effective approach to wrinkles and sagging, it also reduces the presence of acne scars in younger skin.

What can micro needling do for facial skin?

Because the treatment promotes skin’s own recovery, fine lines and wrinkles are corrected. The hyaluronic acid content in the skin also increases, making the skin firm and compact again. The stimulated production of collagen in turn ensures a smoother, healthier looking skin. The skin’s own recovery also contributes to a more even complexion with less visible pigmentation spots and smaller pores. And last but not least: microneedling reduces existing scar tissue.

At DFine Clinic we use the Fusion Monopen and Fusion Multipen.

The treatment

The treatment starts with a cleansing and peeling after which an ampoule with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid is applied to the clean skin. Subsequently, the micro needling takes place: with a kind of pen the skin is stamped by several short needles, after which the ingredients can get deep into the skin. The self-healing capacity of the skin then ensures that the small openings in the skin heal as quickly as possible, assisted by the production of new collagen. The treatment is concluded with a calming, nourishing and restoring mask.

The treatment also stimulates blood circulation, which can make the skin red. This redness usually disappears completely the next day. The redness can easily be camouflaged with a small amount of (mineral) makeup.

The Fusion Monopen

Visible wrinkles can be reduced with the Fusion Monopen. This treatment technique treats a wrinkle locally with one needle. This ensures minimal skin damage that is quickly repaired thanks to the production of collagen. The result is smoother skin and a less deep wrinkle.

The Fusion Power Ampoules

The ampoules with powerful and pure ingredients are suitable for both the Fusion Monopen and Fusion Multipen. The sterile ampoules meet all requirements, making them 100% safe. The strong concentrations give the skin new energy and support healthy cell division.