Permanent Makeup (PMU) has had a spectaculair developement in the past years. That is why the results are even more natural looking than before and almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Subsequently, these developements have also expanded the capabilities of PMU for medical requests. For instance for requests such as camouflaging scars, creating 3D eyebrows that resemble real hair in case of hairloss or imitating a nipple and areola after a breast reconstruction in cancer patients. With PMU the possibilities for improving appearances in a natural way are limitless.


Mascha Feoktistova


‘I have been coming to Diana for years and she has changed my face almost completely due to her precision and technique. My own eyebrows are not symmetrical, I barely have hairs, but now I have beautiful eyebrows that fit my face well.

Mega happy with it,
and she is a sweetheart!!


Laura Ponticorvo

(Fashion & beauty Vlogger)

So much more time left in the morning now that my eyebrows are being treated. It is a matter of a little retouching because the model is already perfect! Eyebrows make a face and lift a face. Eyebrows are very important for every woman! My standard compliment is: wow what beautiful eyebrows you have! This is partly due to microblading! I am very happy with it!!!!


Jill van Dooren

(Fashion & beauty Vlogger)

Are eyebrows sisters and not twins? True, though mine were second cousins, I think. The combination of me and eyebrows was never really a success until I arrived at Diana. A world opened up for me when I no longer had to struggle every morning with how I made them look alike as much as possible. We always smile through the session and I always regret it when our appointment is over.
So are you still in doubt? I will help you out: DO!